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We take pride in the products we manufacture and below are some of the products here at Discount Direct Metal Roofing.

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Plus Ridge Panels: Highest quality grade "E" steel (for hardness). Galvalume coated and finished with BASF"S superior silicone-polyester sperl sp. Galvalume™ - the process of galvanizing steel with a zinc-aluminum alloy. Developed and trademarked by Bethlehem Steel, it was first sold commercially in 1972 according to U.S. Patent and Trademark records. The alloy is roughly 80 percent aluminum and 20 zinc by volume (or 55/45 by weight, respectively). The resulting surface coating is about 1 mil thick (0.001 inches) and provides the excellent corrosion protection and heat reflectivity of aluminum with the sacrificial self-healing properties of zinc. Our panels are precut to exact length and rollformed on our fully computerized M.R.S. rollformer. No one supplies a better or more durable product.

Trim: Always made to order from the same material as your panel, so color will always match. We can also make any form you require.

Accessories: We carry all the necessary accessories you will need to complete the installation of your new metal roofing. We have in stock, closure strips, fasteners, sealants, boots, and more.

Fast Turn Around Service: Most panel orders can be picked up within 1-2 days. Our goal is never to have more than a 48 hour delay for in stock colors. Special scenarios involving very large orders can take up to 3-4 days.

Delivery: We will deliver up to 28' long panels for a small delivery fee. Fee is based on distance, please call our office for more info on delivery fees. Our truck is equipped with a crane and panels can be offloaded onto either side of our truck.

Warranty Info: Our panel and trim are made of top quality stock. All have a 20/25 year manufacturer warranty.